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Baifu International Co., Ltd. is a foreign-funded company established in 2003, possessing professional and environmental friendly disposal equipment, with monthly processing capacity up to 1,000 tons of glass and backlight and other electronic products. The company disposes domestic and foreign electronic components, household appliances and accessories, plastics and like products, turning wastes into good-renewable resources; be a supplier for some domestic electronics, electrical appliances and plastics and other industries, providing them with finished or semi-finished raw materials; advocates renewable resources, recycling economy and green economy; and had been providing products process services in environmental friendly way for companies including Sharp, CMO, Samsung and LG.



  The company is affiliated to 3R Group Holdings Limited, professional in the management of resource regeneration project.


The Chairman Mr. Guan Yiguang is engaged in environmental protection for many years, has larger investment projects in the United States, Germany and Mexico and other countries, and also is a Director of "Nxtcycle Company", one of the four major environmental protection companies in the United States. Mr. Guan is famous in the environmental protection industry of Europe and the Americas, especially having made remarkable achievements in the field of resource regeneration. Since the beginning of this century, Mr. Guan has been focusing on the environmental protection industry in China and even Asia, having successfully established five Companies associated with environmental protection in Hong Kong and mainland China in a short period of 10 years, and built up a complete network for broad cooperation at home and abroad, wherein Fengyu Metal Company Limited in Qingyuan City is one of our most important partners.

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