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3R Group Holdings Limited invested RMB 8 million to register 3R Science and Technology Co., Ltd. in Shenzhen Special Customs Surveillance Zone – EPZ in September 2002. 3R Science and Technology Co., Ltd. is a company invested by Hong Kong people and the only one granted repair permit in Export Processing Zone, mainly engaged in production, processing, testing and maintenance of computers and peripherals and small household electrical appliances. With the global processing and manufacturing industries gathering in China and producing products for the global market, it became more and more important to establish an international service center in the production base and supporting materials base to support the global sale and after-service for multinational corporations. In response to these needs, the Company takes use of sound bonded logistics network and sophisticated information system, as well as long-term accumulation of experience in IT products and services, to provide customers with special International Service Center services to meet multinational corporations’ need for a range of value-added services in export market including bonded storage for repair goods, procurement, repair and replacement, logistics, import and export; and provides tailor-made systematic solutions and one-stop service according to different customer needs.

  3R Science and Technology Co., Ltd. makes commitment to providing following aspects of the services that are unavoidable and must be done well in the growing process of a company, namely: to fulfill the after-service commitment to customer at the minimum cost.
Mainly manifesting following functions:
 1. For your company’s products produced in and exported in domestic returned for repair due to the after-sales service warranty at consumer end, the government will not allow them return back inland once they are exported, but allow them to enter the Export Processing Zone under special customs surveillance, and re-export after repair.
Our "International Service Center" platform is professional in dealing with the above problems.

  2. Integration of free trade zone and port.  In the latest national approved Freeport - Shenzhen Shekou Qianhai Gulf, we have more than ten thousand square meters warehouse that can receive returned goods from different countries and regions for your company. The returned goods will be sent into the Export Processing Zone for testing and repair after sorting in warehouse.
Inexpensive and convenient services in free trade zone and port save time and money for your company in a safe way and avoid high costs in Hong Kong.

  Since its operation, the Company has been cooperating with famous companies in succession including Lite-On IT under Lite-On Group, Taiwan HKC and LG, repairing and re-exporting CD-ROM drive, LCD and small appliances and so on, and achieving win-win and mutual benefit.

  A company must fulfill the after-service commitment to consumers if it wants to continue growing in the competition; fulfilling the commitment to customers while saving a lot of costs, that is our functional advantage.

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